Welcome to FMA Sunday School !!!

Academia LSA logoOver a decade has passed since we officially formed Academia Tercia Cerrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga. What started as a group of friends simply wanting to learn a Filipino martial art, soon became a group of people learning FMA becoming friends.

Learning Lightning Arnis with Academia has always been about fun. Members can often be seen working on their drills with smiles on their faces or laughing in between movements. Partly because we feel the excitement of learning something new and that feeling of blisters coming back to life. If your are looking for an enjoyable way to sweat then arnis sure fits the bill. We have exercises fondly called cross-cutter and cross-cutter extreme, the igor drills and lately the “pogi drill”. Practicing bigay-tama is always bound to result in a sweaty shirt.

Academia receives instructions from Master Jon Escudero. Thankfully, technology has made it easier for us to keep in touch so training is updated and monitored on a regular basis.

2011 academiaThe camaraderie is what has kept the group together. Even though some members are not around as much or have moved to other countries, they still keep in touch. Academia is about learning to value our Filipino martial art and the value of friendship and family.

If you want to lean more about our Filipino Martial Art and gain friends, then you are very much welcome to join us for FMA Sunday School.